Belief and the Great Beyond

I feel the need to explain the title of this blog – Beyond Belief. Beyond Belief is where you need to be to experience all that life has to give you. Because it’s there – past what you believe to be true that Faith takes over.

And, this is true whatever religion you may be – even whether or not you believe in any deity. So, if you’re breathing – this means you.

Let me give you an example. Do you have a radio in your car? And do you believe that when you set the dial to a certain frequency you’ll hear what’s being transmitted? Of course you do.

But, three hundred years ago, if I sat you down and told you that there are radio waves that exist – all we have to do is invent a device that will send and receive sounds over those radio waves and we’ll be able to speak in New York City and be heard in Hartford. Well, we know that a man by the name of Marconi was one of a handful to prove that theory. He took the information that he had, that there was the possibility of radio waves and ran with it until he had invented his “magic box” that we now call radio.

The possibility of radio waves, his belief that he could invent the means to prove their existence and, how did you guess – the FAITH to see it through. The faith that what he believed in existed. He went Beyond Belief to the place where dreams come true and found what he was searching for.

So, that’s it – that’s the reason for the name of this blog.

Beyond Belief – it’s the place where reality and magic intersect, belief and faith and the place where dreams come true.

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