Beware of the “ish”

You know the drill – a friend asks you to get together. You say great and you ask what time to be meet? And they say…


What does that mean? I really don’t like the ish because it puts me in a place where I’m very unclear. Does my friend mean 8:05? Would 8:10 be too late? Would 7:50 be too early?

What exactly is eight-ish? It’s nothing – that’s what it is. It’s a non-committal commitment. It leaves both parties swinging in the breeze and you should never commit to an ish.

Yet, I feel that everyday in our lives we commit to ishes. We creatively non-commit to goals, dreams and desires that we have. We state our goals, we may even write them down, cut out pictures of them, go so far as to create verbal affirmations of their coming true and then what? They’re ishes. We commit to doing them when? Sometime in the future-ish.

That time is now. It’s time to dust off those New Years Resolution’s. There’s still plenty of year left. Get out those goals. List your three top goals – that’s it – let’s keep this simple. And put dates next to all three.

Ahhhh. Doesn’t that feel better? No more confusion – you’ve banished the ish. That’s your first step to achieving those goals. Stay tuned for more…..

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