Houston – we have a problem

I just watched Apollo 13 yesterday for the first time.  What struck me was not only the human drama of the three astronauts desperately trying to get back to earth, but the story of how a series of seemingly impossible events happened one after the other.

They seem to have begun in the fact that Jim Lovell and his crew were picked for the mission because of another astronaut’s ear infection.  Then, health issues surfaced again when two days before launch, the pilot was exposed to the measles and replaced with another astronaut.  It was up to Lovell to make the decision to either not go on that mission at that point or accept the new pilot.  Lovell knew that the new pilot wasn’t as well-trained as he should be  but he made the decision to accept him.

Those events seem pretty random – but as the drama unfolds – they were critically important.

Once in space – everything is going fine until the first seemingly impossible event – failure of the two  oxygen tanks that supplied oxygen to the spacecraft and to the components.  The engineers at NASA were dumbfounded – this had never happened before.  They hadn’t planned for it – because they didn’t even conceive that it could happen.

The moon landing was scrubbed and the focus became how to get the astronauts back home alive.  The crew had to rely on the lunar landing module for their journey back – a ship that wasn’t designed for space travel – it was designed for the moon landing – and they had to power it up in fifteen minutes, not the three hours that the procedure manual called for.

Considering where the astronauts were in space, the fuel they had left, the electrical supply they had left – the engineers at NASA determined that it was impossible to get them back to earth.  This was not acceptable to Mission Control Director Gene Kranz.  He and the team worked out a scenario that would use the moon’s gravitational pull to conserve power and got numbers on paper that would get the astronauts back to earth.    But, this had never been done before and was pure mathematical speculation – but it was all they had.  Kranz served as the driving force to the team in Mission Control with his words that failure was not an option.  Everyone who could possibly provide answers was called in to help get the astronauts back to earth.

Another crisis – the CO2 levels were rising in the cabin and it seemed as if the astronauts were going to be killed by CO2 poisoning.  Kranz called on his team to make use of what the astronauts had in the ship to solve this and using random pieces of equipment and duct tape – the engineers came up with a solution that worked.  The seemingly impossible had been done again.

However, the astronauts still had to hit the earths atmosphere at a precise angle without the aid of the computer system for navigational guidance!!  And the heat shields, which may have been damaged in the oxygen tank explosion had to hold together to keep the astronauts from being burned to death from the intense heat of re-entry to earth’s atmosphere.

Of course, as the story goes, they made it back safely – really against the odds.

So, why bring this up now?  Because it reinforces my belief that anything is possible if the desire is strong enough.  With failure not being an option – the engineers at Mission Control were forced to make the seemingly impossible possible over and over and they had to do it at a pace much faster than they were used to.

So, what’s seemingly impossible to you?  What dream do you have that seems so out of reach that you don’t even try to go for it?  Take a tip from the engineers at Mission Control – make the need that you attain this goal so strong – that nothing will stop you from achieving it.  That desire, that emotion is the first step in  having your dreams come true.

Trust in the process – it got three astronauts home from the moon – it can work for you.

Nine lives – all used up

getting comfy

I just wanted to honor my wonderful little cat of eighteen years who passed away last night. This is Annie. I adopted her from a shelter when she was still a kitten. She was a lap kitty and was my adoring and adored companion.

She is already greatly missed.

John Assaraf – You can’t have it all

When I read your book, Having it All – I believed the premise. I believed that I could have it all. Your story seemed genuine, your instructions for how I too could have it all were clear and easy to follow. It was obvious that those methods worked and you Had it All.

So, I believed and started down that path to success, to get all that my heart desires. I assembled my vision board (it really did come out nice), got some affirmations together that felt right to me, started meditating. I took action. I didn’t just vibrate positive energy and wait for it to come to me.

And, then good things started happening. It was amazing – things that I couldn’t have planned started going my way. I was a believer – I could Have it All – it was all good.

Then it happened. 

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go for the gold

Olympics – Opening ceremonies – kind of cool.  By the time the closing ceremonies rolled around I wasn’t interested in watching them.   I was awed by the mastery of some of the competitors – the gymnasts, the swimmers – I saw years of practice rippling in every muscle of their being.  They were truly inspiring and beautiful to watch.

I could see their burning desire for that gold medal – the pride that they felt in achieving it as they stood on that podium with the medal on their chest for the world to see.  I could appreciate how many hours they practiced, through times when it must have been difficult to go on, when they had pushed their bodies to the limit and then asked more of them.  Wow.  That kind of dedication and perseverance to a goal is damn inspiring.

Then they were gone and that left me with synchronized swimming (is this really a sport?), synchronized diving, volleyball, some kind of bike racing.  Am I missing something here with these quasi-sports?  Why are they Olympic material?  If they are then how about Tiddly-Winks and thumb-wrestling?

So, my take – give me the gymnasts, the runners, the swimmers – they are the embodiment of what it takes to be masterful.  Years of dedication and practice.  They are inspiring and show me what it will take me to go for my personal gold – never give up.

Are you making history or herstory?

The title of this post doesn’t really make any sense until you read further.  Consider that you are the director of your own life story and that it will be published in a book someday.  Whose life are you living for that book – yours or your husbands, wifes, mothers, third grade teachers, the list could go on?

So many times we let people influence how we live our lives.  That third grade teacher that told you that you could never be a writer, your uncle telling you that you have to work really hard and stomp on people to be successful.

Well, here’s a little something for ya.  You’re not living their lives and if you let what they tell you influence you – they are running yours.  You are letting them write your life story for you.  They will have starring roles and you’ll be a bit player – an extra in your own life.  This causes a LOT OF PAIN.  Is there a way out of that thinking? 

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I’m not a cheater – or am I??

Are you a cheater?  You think – No, Lee Ann – I’m an honest person, I would never cheat anyone out of anything.  ok.  I say you’re kidding yourself.  Why the hell would I say that?

Heck, I’m kidding myself when I say I’m not a cheater.  And, this is how I’ve been living for a long time.  I have been cheating the world out of what I have to offer because of my procrastination, avoidance and just plain ducking who I really am and how big I’m supposed to be playing in the world.  I haven’t written the book, made the movie or delivered the presentation that has the promise of touching people, of changing their lives, even for a moment.  So, I’m a big ol’ cheater.  Now what?  Do I sit and toss that around in my head and feel bad?  Hell no!!  Hear me now!

I accept everything I’ve done, believed and felt that has gotten me to this point in my life.  I mean that and I’ll tell you why that’s so important.

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Warning: Magic trick revealed below

When I see a great magic trick – I get a tingle.  It’s awesome.   I am just in awe of the skill it took to make me see something that couldn’t be happening – or could it?  It’s that moment of sheer wonder that gives me that tingle.

There have been a few times when I’ve experienced that tingle from my own magic.  But, I’m not talking magic like the Chris Angel Mindfreak kind of magic – I’m talking about those times when wondrous things happen in your life, when you received things that seemed impossible and way out of your reach.  For example…

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Stick it!

If you say that to an Olympic gymnast – they’ll appreciate it.  It means that they want their dismount landing to be flawless.  But, if I say that to you  (unless you’re a gymnast) –  I’m rude.

Our language can be confusing.  My takeaway?

Make sure in all your communication you’re saying the right things to the people your speaking to – in person or in your written communication.

Got mentor?

I now have a mentor of sorts – David Neagle.  I’m in his monthly mentoring program and I couldn’t be more excited.  Well, actually that’s a silly thing to say – of course I could get more excited – especially when there’s ice cream involved, if that makes me sound silly, oh well.  What I mean is – I’m really excited to be learning the laws of the Universe from someone who really gets them and explains them in an easy to understand way.

Until I watched the Secret I never even knew there were Universal Laws and now I can’t get enough info about them.  And, sometimes that info can be kind of difficult for a right-brained peep like myself to decipher.

I loved the Secret and learning about the Law of Attraction – but I always felt that the film didn’t dig deep enough.   Great introduction – but Rhonda Byrne totally left out the part about taking action.   Ask-believe-receive – not.

But, on a deeper level – with action added – I’ve found that the Law of Attraction really does work.  And, I think that’s so COOL.   I honestly do believe that we are all constantly connected to Spirit or Source or whatever you call your higher being.  I think of it like this analogy.  You know how your lamps are plugged into the electric outlet, but they are not lit until you turn them on?  Well, that’s like our connection to Spirit.  We’re always connected – but we don’t always have that switch open so it can flow to you like the electricity flows to the lamp.

And, I believe that Spirit really does want to give us what we want.  We just muck up the asking and even if we get that part right – for some reason – we muck up being able to receive.

I just finished reading a great book on the Law of Attraction – Ask and it is Given – by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  It’s deep and very insightful – and I would put it on my “must read” list.

Actually I’ll post more about it here – so come back – if that’s “Attractive ” to you….

Unconditional Olympic Love

When it comes to rooting for Olympians – they truly get my unconditional love.  I find myself rooting for people I’ve never seen before just because they’re from the country I live in.

How’s that for a strong belief?  I don’t care if the other athletes are nicer people, better athletes, have cooler uniforms or are hotter eye candy – they’re not from my country so they’re off my radar.

Why do I do this?

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