Are you making history or herstory?

The title of this post doesn’t really make any sense until you read further.  Consider that you are the director of your own life story and that it will be published in a book someday.  Whose life are you living for that book – yours or your husbands, wifes, mothers, third grade teachers, the list could go on?

So many times we let people influence how we live our lives.  That third grade teacher that told you that you could never be a writer, your uncle telling you that you have to work really hard and stomp on people to be successful.

Well, here’s a little something for ya.  You’re not living their lives and if you let what they tell you influence you – they are running yours.  You are letting them write your life story for you.  They will have starring roles and you’ll be a bit player – an extra in your own life.  This causes a LOT OF PAIN.  Is there a way out of that thinking? 

Yes – Acknowledge their input, say thanks but no thanks to their suggestions and get in touch with what is important to you.   So, here’s something you can do today.

What is something that you’ve always wanted to do – but are either afraid to bring it up because of the dreaded – “What will people think of me?” response or because of some other reason.  Come up with just one to work on for now.  Is this something that you’ve always wanted to do?  If you’re sixty and you always wanted to be a baseball player – you can probably kiss that dream bye-bye.  But, how can you still be connected to baseball in a way that will make you happy?  Can you be a broadcaster, coach, baseball blog writer?

Now, you have to fall in love with whatever that is and make up your mind that no matter what people say about your idea – it’s yours and you’re going to follow through with it because it’s part of the story you were meant to live.   Just get that far – and you’ll be taking the first step to making the book of your life a best-seller.

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