Twitter – Thanks for the new friends

twitter_symbol I am in love with Twitter, I admit it.  It was one of those loves that sneak up on you.  You know how when you first met someone you fell in love with you were like – not impressed.  But, then, they did things that made you like them more and more until before you knew it – you were madly in love.  That’s how Twitter and I became an “item”.  But, this post is about mindset and marketing from one of my new Twitter friends – The Daily Blonde.  The first lesson I learned from her is that she’s real.  What she writes is who she is – and it’s very entertaining to boot.  So, when you’re thinking of marketing your product – always be yourself.  Sure, some people won’t like you – but who cares?  The ones who stick around will fall in love with you.   And that’s what’s important.  Besides it’s so much easier to be yourself than to imitate other people.  If we want those other people – we’ll go see them.  That’s why you’re here – because you’re different.  

But, back to Blondie.  So, we were on Twitter this past Sunday and she made a Tweet about her blog.  I was curious and clicked her tinyurl and read the whole post.  She answered Tweets that people had sent her in her funny, snarky way – I laughed out loud.  And, it’s tough to make me laugh, I’m a tough crowd.  Not because I’m bitchy – because I do stand up – so I’ve been around funny a lot and get sort of immune to it.  

And, from a marketing standpoint – take note – inviting questions and then answering them on your blog is a marketing tip.  Great way to get content without having to pull it all out of your own grey matter.

So, take a trip over to The Daily Blonde.

And, if you’re not on Twitter – what are you waiting for?  You can follow me there at

And, by the way, now I’m challenged to come up with a cute alias like The Daily Blonde.  I guess The Daily Brunette wouldn’t be an option…

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