Hotties and Not so Hotties


When you want to attract abundance, prosperity and anything good into your life there are some things you should do – Hotties, and things that will keep what you want away – Not so Hotties. Read them all and then see where you are on the attraction scale.

Are you mostly in the Hotties or Notties?

1. Thinking that you’ll be successful when – you get that new job, you move to another state, when you take that next course, when you (fill in the blank) – Hottie or Not so Hottie thought? (Not so Hottie) Why?

Answer: Not so Hottie. At every rung in the ladder or step up the mountain you have to believe that success (i.e. – reaching the top/goal) is coming. You can’t pin your success on an outside circumstance that is dependent on others – getting a new job, moving, etc. Your success will be entirely created or not by your thoughts and actions.

2. Being envious of others who are more successful than you – Hottie or Not so Hottie?

Okay, I threw you a bone here. Obviously, thinking negative thoughts is in the Never Hottie category. Here’s how to turn it around. Tell yourself that you’re happy for their success and really feel it. Then tell yourself that yours is coming and you have to really believe it – even if you don’t feel it so much. Hey, if you were driving from NY to LA – 99% of the trip you can’t see LA, you’re far from LA – as far as you’re concerned LA might not even exist. Even when you’re just a few miles from LA you still can’t see it. But, common sense tells you that LA exists – so you keep driving and you get there.

3. Star Light Star Bright – First Star I see tonight – I wish I may, I wish I might – get the wish I wish tonight. (Wishing on a star – Hottie or Not so Hottie?)

Survey says – This one’s a tossup. Why? Because at least you’re clear on what you want. You’re wishing for a certain thing, something tangible. Desire is the first step to creation – so you’ve created the desire – That’s a hottie thoughtie.

Wishing it to come true on the other hand – not so much. You have to take action, inspired action toward your desire. And you will be surprised when people, opportunities show up that you couldn’t have planned for, but will help you get to your goal faster.

For the next 30 days – when those thoughts flood your head – ask yourself if they’re hotties or notties. And, then force yourself to go for more of the hotties.

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