Maybe = May be NEVER

Maybe has kept me from blogging since April!!!

Sure, I thought about getting back to blogging – and then said maybe I’ll do it tomorrow, if I’m not too busy.

And so five months, FIVE months have gone by – without a blog post.  And, no, I was not ever too busy to take 10

minutes to post here.

So what happened?

I never made the decision to begin again – really blog consistently again.  Sure, I’d poked my head in, cleared

the cobwebs and made a post or two – but no consistency.

That darn maybe.

See, maybe really means – may be never.  I’ve learned and am constantly reminded in the power of making a

decision – not a maybe, not a someday, not an “I’ll try”.  A real honest-to-goodness decision from which there can only be

two outcomes – You achieve the thing you set out to do or you don’t.  Period.

So, from now on, there will be blogging from me.  Consistently.  No maybes.  That’s my decision.

There is amazing power in making a decision – it forces you to take action.  It spurs you on when you

think that you can’t continue.  It gives you a reason to keep on going.  Why?  Because you made a commitment

to yourself, and possibly to others to get ‘er done.

I made two decisions today.  Small ones, but decisions on actions that I could take and see through in 1 hour.

And, now,  I’ve achieved both of them.

This may be very simplistic, but it proves to myself that I can set a goal and see it through to completion –

something that on a bigger scale – when there is more involved I tend to fall off and not see tasks through to


So, by doing these two tasks – I’ve now reinforced the fact that I can finish something I begin.  And, this is extremely

important to me.

It’s now up to me to build on this.  To learn to keep going and finish what I begin.  Because unless I do that, I miss out

on the personal sense of satisfaction I get from getting a job done.  And I also know the more I see tasks through, the easier and

more natural it will get.

Not to mention I’ll get a whole lot more accomplished.

Maybe.  🙂