Day 2 of the lame name challenge


Now what?

Well, first, what does this challenge have to do with marketing and business.  My blog is also about business – (or at least it’s supposed to be – I’ve got to add more business/marketing posts).

Anyway, it has everything to do with it because if you own a business – you are the driving force behind it.  You create the vision for your business and if you’re thinking small – then your business will remain small.  And, if you work for someone else, well, you’re not going to stretch yourself to rise higher – if you’re playing small in the universe between your ears.

So. I hope that answers the question.

You CAN be, do or have anything you want for yourself AND your business when your thoughts are aligned with your vision and you take action towards your vision everyday.

Today being New Years Day – I thought it the perfect time to start practicing an attitude. An attitude of gratitude.

Take 15 minutes today and make a list of 20 things that you’re grateful for in your life right now. big or small – whatever you can come up with.  If you live in a house – there are hundreds of things to be grateful for with just that, such as hot and cold running water when you want it, a refrigerator with food in it, a warm, cozy bed – you get the idea.

The point is – if your present situation isn’t exactly as you would like it to be – it’s still important to feel good about what you have now.  Because if you don’t appreciate what you have now – why should you get anything else on top of that?

Would you keep giving an ungrateful child more and more gifts?

Until tomorrow…