You are important – a poem

I wrote this poem many years ago…

The sun always knew of his perfection
So he decided to give Moon some of his reflection
Moon didn’t mind, he was to simple to know
And when Sun shone on him, he started to glow

Moon was just being used to give Sun a smile
But, they got along pretty well for a while
The people on Earth liked the glow of Moon at night
But he wasn’t unique, just a mirror of Sun’s light

Then one fateful day, Sun slipped and fell in Moon’s path
And now Moon was free to take out his wrath
When Moon went round next on one of his trips
He put Sun in a phase we call Total Eclipse

Sun was blocked out and could not shine on Earth
Thought he tried and he tried for all he was worth
Sun pleaded with moon to get a move on, get going
So they struck up a deal which we all wound up knowing

The Sun still eclipses to this very day
All because he slipped and fell in Moons way
So, no matter how unimportant you think you are
Remember the poem about the Moon and the Star.

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