Welcome to my blog.  Here’s a bit of backstory to who I am and why I write.

I’ve had many “careers”,  probably a combination of not knowing what to do with my life and being afraid to do the thing that I really should do.  Most jobs were just jobs and one I would have done for free.

When I was a talk show producer at the number one talk radio station in my market – I would have done that for free.  It was the best job I’ve ever had.  I got to work with amazing talent and learned to hone my talent of contacting and booking celebrities for on air appearances.  It was just a blast.  I still use those skills to this day.

I’m also a writer, was a food columnist for my local newspaper for four years.  Loved that.  Was a bit disillusioned when I learned that many people just liked reading my column and didn’t even bother trying the recipe that I included every week.  The point of the column was to encourage people to cook and teach them how with simple recipes.  Oh well, I appreciated the fact they liked my writing enough to read it every week!

Today, I am still a writer.  I ghostwrite and am working on two books at the moment.