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Give it away Day!!!

Gratitude is really important in the manifestation process.  You have to feel grateful for what you have right now in your life – rather than be in a constant state of expectancy that you’ll feel grateful when you have more. After all, what would you use to measure that day when you would be grateful?  […]


At your service

I don’t care what business you are in, at some level it’s service related.  It has to be when two humans interact in the sales process.  So, have you tried to buy your product/service as a customer would lately?  If you sell online, how easy is it for the customer to make the purchase,  how […]


Just when I needed a Number One

Back in the day, my hubby used to watch Star Trek – and I remember seeing Captain Jean-Paul? (the bald good-looking captain) always telling Number One to “get it done”. Well, that’s what I needed – a number One. I was freaking out. I have two projects that need blogs. This blog was just butt-ugly, […]