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My washing machine manifestation – a zen moment

Before you think I’ve gone round the bend – my washing machine really did change my thinking 180 degrees. Quick back story – I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, personal development for over a year now. That’s a long time for me to be learning anything. I thought I understood it, I […]


Belief and the Great Beyond

I feel the need to explain the title of this blog – Beyond Belief. Beyond Belief is where you need to be to experience all that life has to give you. Because it’s there – past what you believe to be true that Faith takes over. And, this is true whatever religion you may be […]


Naughty Bits and Michael Port on Donny Deutsch

A mentor of mine, Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid and The Contrarian Effect was on Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea last night.  The theme of the program was about selling – with an underlying theme that was a call back to Monty Python’s naughty bits.  But, I get ahead of […]

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Think of a dream that you’ve let gather dust. It was something that was important to you when you thought of it. What is it? And why is it still not a reality? Then ask yourself – is this dream still important to me? This is an important question. If it feels like it is, […]


In plain sight – or not

Last week I was in New York City, a place I’m not very familiar with that I visit just a few times a year. I was walking down 6th Avenue just after getting a cup of coffee heading back to my brother’s place. It was early on a Sunday morning so there weren’t that many […]