Will Smith’s Keys to Life

Good morning world.  This morning I was inspired by Will Smith.  He shares his thoughts on how he has succeeded in life.

I’ll let you hear hit from him – straight up.  Remember what he says – don’t quit – when you feel like quitting, and learn from

others.  Enjoy.

Get with the program

open door I had a visit from my dad last night.  The weird thing about that is  – he passed away eight years ago this month.  So, our visits now are confined to those mysterious occurrences that we call Dreams.  

 There he was in my dream, handsome and tall and I even heard that familiar deep voice that would have been so great on radio, but it was ok that it never was.  He told me he couldn’t stay long, but he had something to tell me.  

 I knew that he had passed away in the dream.  So, I asked him before he left would he tell me what being dead was like.  And he said…


He said – “I didn’t come to talk about that honey” (sometimes he called me honey – I liked that ).  ” I came to remind you what it’s like to be alive.  And, then he told me that to be alive meant really finding the joy in everything.  It meant living with passion – not going through the motions.  He said that if you are eating an ice cream cone – don’t feel guilty – ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT.  Savor each luscious spoonful – lick the bowl if you want.  And, when it’s gone – be thankful for what you just had.   

Don’t pussyfoot through life like you’re walking around broken glass – Run, jump, skip – let the wind blow through your hair and dance in the rain.  Awake each day with a fierce passion to enjoy every precious second.  When you laugh – laugh from deep in your belly – let it all out.  And – laugh often, “You can’t break your funny bone!!!”   (True)

And, remember what I told you when you were just a teenager – Be true to yourself.  Don’t fret about what others think of you, don’t let self-doubt take a hold of your heart and keep you from living.  You are beautiful just the way you are – remember that.

“And, honey, don’t forget LOVE.  Don’t shut the door on LOVE.  Love opens your heart and fills you up like nothing else on the planet.  If you close your heart to love – you slam the door shut to your soul – and that makes for a hollow, empty life.”  Yes, the more open you have your heart – the more chances are you may get hurt.  But, the pain of not loving is SO MUCH GREATER.

I was sitting next to him when he was talking and I could see his skin, smell him, feel his warmth.

And, then I woke up – and I was alone and felt tears running down my face.

Thanks, Dad. – for the visit – I miss you.

And, I heard what you said and I promise you that I’ll take your advice – You always did seem to know the right thing to say. 

Your loving daughter always,

Lee Ann

Stick figures = six figures


Simple – yet profound. How stick figures led to a six figure income.

A big Thank You to Connie Ragen Green for sharing this valuable info as part of her chapter for my upcoming book on women who make six figures and more doing what they love.

If you put just this concept into action, it could change your life – it changed Connie’s.

Connie was at a place in her life where she had to make a change.  Her job no longer was the joy that it once was and she had health issues that challenged her keeping the job as well.  Totally out on her own, she set out to design her new life and career.  Knowing just a little about the law of attraction, she decided to create an image of the new home that she wanted to live in.  She admitted to not being a good artist, but wouldn’t let that deter her. She just drew the house that she wanted, the upstairs rooms, the details like white shutters on the window, her dogs by her feet, and a beautiful view out her window.

And, then she drew herself as a stick figure sitting at a computer desk in a room in the house, smiling as she was writing.  She finished the picture and put it right in front of her face in her office where she could see it every day.

Then she started visualizing and feeling what it was like to be living in the new home – she really felt as if she was already the owner.  She pictured herself feeling healthy and rested and being in the house working at a job in which she was doing what she loved and making more money than she was making in her present life.  When she looked at the picture – she felt as if that new home and new career was her reality – even though it was so far removed from her present life at the time.

In just six months she was living in the new home – a home that looked exactly like what she had drawn.
And, she was beginning her new career doing what she loved  (writing).  And in just three years that dream of living in her new home, with a career that she absolutely loves and is earning her over six figures is now her reality.

That is the power of visualization and attaching a strong emotion to what you visualize.

Thank you again Connie.  You are a true inspiration.

The Sky is falling – at least that’s what the experts tell us

From what I hear, there’s a recession going on. It’s tough economic times and people are stressed and scared. Personally, I am facing a lawsuit brought against me by an ex-business partner with a trial in less than ten days. I can’t post specifics until it’s over, but needless to say that could cause me stress as well – ya think?

Well, I don’t watch the news, and here’s why. The media is scaring you all that watch it and focusing you to focus on the negative. It helps them sell ads and make them money. It does nothing good for you. Turn it off. Unplug yourself from the downward spiral of negativity. Believe me, if there is news that you must hear – it will find you through people that you come in contact with.

I just spent a week at two seminars learning wealth, business and mindset strategies from some of the most successful internet marketers, speakers and authors on the planet – and almost all of them said this exact same message. Unplug yourself. Mark Victor Hanson said it. I listen to a guy that’s built an empire on the back of one brand.

It may be a bit scary at first – but, try this for a week. Trust me on this one. Hey, just reclaiming the time you spent watching that negative newscast is worth the effort. Now, with the time you’ve reclaimed – do something to move you forward. If you have a dream – here’s a perfect opportunity to decide if that dream is something you really want to do. If the answer is yes, you can start actions to make that happen. If the answer is no – like my friend and mentor Marcia Wieder says – “Dump it” – and start working on what your new dream should be. Who do you want to be? Who do you want to help? What impact do you want to make on the world?

To help make that easier – unplug yourself. In order to look inside yourself for the answers, you need to be less stressed and you need some quiet time – without the noise and barrage of stuff that flies our way every day.

I promise that to be true. So, here’s to the start of the 7 day break from the negative newscast. Let your imagination soar. It’s time to reclaim your dreams.

Ready, set, go.

Magic in Possibility

I lived in Jerusalem for 6 weeks many years ago. A girlfriend was attending college and I had the opportunity to stay rent-free in the apartment she was given. Since my friend was in class all of the morning, I had time on my hands to roam the fascinating city. One of my daily walks was to go to the local post office and get the mail for my friends and I. When you’re a long way from home and friends and family, (hint-this was before email) mail is a big deal. I walked through a small residential neighborhood to get to the post office and right across the street from the post office was a tiny little hill, it was more of an incline, anyway, it was just a hill made up of dirt and rocks no grass. I walked up and down this little pebbly incline every day on my way to get the mail. One day, it rained in the morning, and this was unusual. It hadn’t rained the entire time I was there. I left for the post office right after the brief shower was over. When I got to the little hill I thought I had lost my way – I had to look to make sure the post office was there across the street. For, right there in front of me was a rainbow carpet of all different colors of tiny wild flowers that had sprung out of the dirt after the short rain. I realized that they were there all along – there was just one thing missing – water. I stood and just took in their beauty. The next day – they were gone again.

I believe that each of us has that carpet of wild flowers inside of us – that inner beauty that we possess. Another word for it would be the purpose that we were put on this earth to do. Because when we are operating from our sense of purpose – we are aligned with our true selves, are in complete joy and we are creatures of magic and beauty.

To get a hint at what your purpose is – think of three times in your life when you were in such joy that you had no sense of time – were you painting, singing, writing computer code? Who knows? Write down three of those times (not having sex – it’s good – but it doesn’t count for this exercise) and look for the common thread that connects all three? Were you teaching another? Creating something? Don’t worry – we all have a purpose – we were born with it…. You’ll find it. If you have questions – just ask me in the comment section and I’ll help you though it.

If you’re struggling

In every breeze, gliding down every rainbow in the warming rays of the sun and the gentle patter of a light summer rain – life’s beauty glows all around us. There is magic in possibility as the Universe is just waiting for you to be ready to receive its blessings. Your soul – your inner beauty and wisdom shines as a beacon for you – a guiding light to serve you and guide you on your journey through Life.

Trust in the Power of the Universe and surrender your false, limiting beliefs to its knowledge. It knows the way and will keep your path clear and full of opportunities around every corner. Be grateful for its wisdom and the things it has given you so far.

The world needs your soul to keep it whole.

Have Faith.

I’ll give you a list of things you can do to stop struggling with my next post.

Are you making history or herstory?

The title of this post doesn’t really make any sense until you read further.  Consider that you are the director of your own life story and that it will be published in a book someday.  Whose life are you living for that book – yours or your husbands, wifes, mothers, third grade teachers, the list could go on?

So many times we let people influence how we live our lives.  That third grade teacher that told you that you could never be a writer, your uncle telling you that you have to work really hard and stomp on people to be successful.

Well, here’s a little something for ya.  You’re not living their lives and if you let what they tell you influence you – they are running yours.  You are letting them write your life story for you.  They will have starring roles and you’ll be a bit player – an extra in your own life.  This causes a LOT OF PAIN.  Is there a way out of that thinking? 

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Warning: Magic trick revealed below

When I see a great magic trick – I get a tingle.  It’s awesome.   I am just in awe of the skill it took to make me see something that couldn’t be happening – or could it?  It’s that moment of sheer wonder that gives me that tingle.

There have been a few times when I’ve experienced that tingle from my own magic.  But, I’m not talking magic like the Chris Angel Mindfreak kind of magic – I’m talking about those times when wondrous things happen in your life, when you received things that seemed impossible and way out of your reach.  For example…

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Belief and the Great Beyond

I feel the need to explain the title of this blog – Beyond Belief. Beyond Belief is where you need to be to experience all that life has to give you. Because it’s there – past what you believe to be true that Faith takes over.

And, this is true whatever religion you may be – even whether or not you believe in any deity. So, if you’re breathing – this means you.

Let me give you an example. Do you have a radio in your car? And do you believe that when you set the dial to a certain frequency you’ll hear what’s being transmitted? Of course you do.

But, three hundred years ago, if I sat you down and told you that there are radio waves that exist – all we have to do is invent a device that will send and receive sounds over those radio waves and we’ll be able to speak in New York City and be heard in Hartford. Well, we know that a man by the name of Marconi was one of a handful to prove that theory. He took the information that he had, that there was the possibility of radio waves and ran with it until he had invented his “magic box” that we now call radio.

The possibility of radio waves, his belief that he could invent the means to prove their existence and, how did you guess – the FAITH to see it through. The faith that what he believed in existed. He went Beyond Belief to the place where dreams come true and found what he was searching for.

So, that’s it – that’s the reason for the name of this blog.

Beyond Belief – it’s the place where reality and magic intersect, belief and faith and the place where dreams come true.


Think of a dream that you’ve let gather dust. It was something that was important to you when you thought of it. What is it? And why is it still not a reality?

Then ask yourself – is this dream still important to me? This is an important question. If it feels like it is, the it’s time to start making it a reality.

If you don’t live your dreams – you’re living someone else’s dreams. And, is that the way you really envisioned going through life?