Personality – You’ve got one – use it

Why do I start this blog talking about personality? Because it sets you and your business if you have one, apart from every other person on the planet.

I’ll show you mine – if you’ll show me yours. I think I got in trouble for that in grade school, but that’s another post.

Example: I’m a mall walker, I do 2.5 miles about 5 times a week. I would rather walk the mall, than my neighborhood, but that’s just me. As I walk past the stores, I notice the attitude that the mannequins have, the way they are posing, in Nordstroms, some of the female mannequins are naked. I’ll let you guess whether or not they’re naked in Brooks Brothers. You can tell the personality of the store by the decor and the music. Abercrombie and Fitch tells me that unless I have something in common with barely clothed teen boys – go to Ann Taylor. The music is blaring, it’s very dark and hip and cool and totally not me. They might as well have a big sign out front saying – you’re too damn old to shop here, but come in if you’re shopping for your kids.

That’s attitude, it’s personality – and it works. It identifies Abercrombie, tells me who they are and whether or not I should be there. They don’t care who they turn off with the pictures and the music – they’re secure that their raving fans will find them.

This is a great lesson if you’re in business – let your attitude show. It will lure your ideal clients to you like a magnet. And it will keep the clients you don’t want shopping somewhere else.

If I do this blogging thing right, then you’ll be able to tell a lot about me by my posts, the videos I put up, the way my blog looks and if you like what I say and how I say it, you’ll come back.

And, if not, you may be at Abercrombie and that’s cool with me…