I’m not a cheater – or am I??

Are you a cheater?  You think – No, Lee Ann – I’m an honest person, I would never cheat anyone out of anything.  ok.  I say you’re kidding yourself.  Why the hell would I say that?

Heck, I’m kidding myself when I say I’m not a cheater.  And, this is how I’ve been living for a long time.  I have been cheating the world out of what I have to offer because of my procrastination, avoidance and just plain ducking who I really am and how big I’m supposed to be playing in the world.  I haven’t written the book, made the movie or delivered the presentation that has the promise of touching people, of changing their lives, even for a moment.  So, I’m a big ol’ cheater.  Now what?  Do I sit and toss that around in my head and feel bad?  Hell no!!  Hear me now!

I accept everything I’ve done, believed and felt that has gotten me to this point in my life.  I mean that and I’ll tell you why that’s so important.

If you don’t accept full responsibility for who you are right now as you read this – then you’re blaming others for your state and that strips you of all the power to change.  So, say these words now

I accept full responsibility for who I am and whatever I’ve created for myself.   How does that make you feel? You are responsible for the life you’re living, the amount of money, the car you’re driving – you’re responsible for all of it.  Are you angry, depressed, overwhelmed – what are you feeling?  Take note.  It can change.  But, you have to accept the responsibility first.

And, you’ve got to really believe your responsible – No Cheating.

I’ll go deeper on this soon….

One thought on “I’m not a cheater – or am I??

  1. Boy, do I resonate with this post. Am I cheater? Yes, I am! I have to admit that.

    I cheat because often I keep my passion within me and don’t communicate it to the next person because I fear their rejection or otherwise negative response.

    Yet, there is also a fine line between making others aware of what’s passionate with me, and hammering them to death with it. While we are all particles in the same “soup” we are individuals and pre-occupied with our own stuff. That, too, we have to consider.

    It’s definitely a good thing that I was made aware of the cheater shadow side within me.

    Thanks, Britt

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