I’m not a cheater – or am I??

Are you a cheater?  You think – No, Lee Ann – I’m an honest person, I would never cheat anyone out of anything.  ok.  I say you’re kidding yourself.  Why the hell would I say that?

Heck, I’m kidding myself when I say I’m not a cheater.  And, this is how I’ve been living for a long time.  I have been cheating the world out of what I have to offer because of my procrastination, avoidance and just plain ducking who I really am and how big I’m supposed to be playing in the world.  I haven’t written the book, made the movie or delivered the presentation that has the promise of touching people, of changing their lives, even for a moment.  So, I’m a big ol’ cheater.  Now what?  Do I sit and toss that around in my head and feel bad?  Hell no!!  Hear me now!

I accept everything I’ve done, believed and felt that has gotten me to this point in my life.  I mean that and I’ll tell you why that’s so important.

If you don’t accept full responsibility for who you are right now as you read this – then you’re blaming others for your state and that strips you of all the power to change.  So, say these words now

I accept full responsibility for who I am and whatever I’ve created for myself.   How does that make you feel? You are responsible for the life you’re living, the amount of money, the car you’re driving – you’re responsible for all of it.  Are you angry, depressed, overwhelmed – what are you feeling?  Take note.  It can change.  But, you have to accept the responsibility first.

And, you’ve got to really believe your responsible – No Cheating.

I’ll go deeper on this soon….