Warning: Magic trick revealed below

When I see a great magic trick – I get a tingle.  It’s awesome.   I am just in awe of the skill it took to make me see something that couldn’t be happening – or could it?  It’s that moment of sheer wonder that gives me that tingle.

There have been a few times when I’ve experienced that tingle from my own magic.  But, I’m not talking magic like the Chris Angel Mindfreak kind of magic – I’m talking about those times when wondrous things happen in your life, when you received things that seemed impossible and way out of your reach.  For example…

When I was in my twenties I got a job as a talk-show producer at WBZ-AM in Boston (a job I’d wanted since I was 12!).  The magic – I had never worked in radio, I never sent in one resume, never called the station.  It happened by a series of events I couldn’t have ever planned.  And I had my dream job for about a year.  It was fantastic!

Now, if you don’t want to know how I made that magic happen – stop reading.  I mean it – stop reading now!

Because I’m going to tell you simple steps for manifesting magic in your own life.  Here goes:

1) Want whatever it is so badly you can feel it in every cell of your body.  I listened to WBZ for years faithfully and wanted that job of producer more than anything.  I fantasized about what it must be like to work so closely with the hosts, to be behind the scenes with the best talk show hosts in Boston, to book the celebrity guests.  But, did I take action?  I said I never sent in a resume, never called the station or replied to a job listing.  I thought it out of my league – impossible.  I was working as an optician for pete sake – and had never worked in radio – that I could be a producer at WBZ – that was just a dream.   But, HERE”S THE IMPORTANT PART  —> I kept the desire alive – I kept wanting that job so badly for years.

2) Take action.  And, I did take action.  I became a regular caller on one of the station’s programs.  And, then – IT HAPPENED.

3) Watch for opportunities – sometimes the way you get what you want comes disguised in other events.  This means you have to listen to the little voice that tells you to do something that may seem odd, like driving a different way to work, or making a call to someone that you don’t know or whatever.  In my case, a series of events that did not involve me having to sleep with the program director occurred and then Magic – I GOT THE JOB.

3) Be yourself, your true self.  During my interview I just let loose all the passion I had for wanting to be a producer and poured out my love for the programs and talk radio.  I was truly and authentically being me.

If I could get my dream job as radio producer – You too have the power to create anything you want in your life.  Go ahead – follow those steps – and Presto – Chango – Magic!!!

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