Morning Inspiration

You are a divine creation and your physical body is the manifestation of that. It is your Temple. You wouldn’t go into your house of worship and desecrate it. So you shouldn’t do that to yourself by sabotaging your dreams and desires. it’s time to stop doing that to your self as in your Self. You are connected to your source 24/7, whether you know it or not.

You are worthy of anything you put your mind to, anything. There is nothing that you can think or desire which you cannot have. It is your birthright, it is yours for the receiving. And, that is important to note that it is not there for the taking. You need to be open to receiving what is yours, not taking it from somewhere. To allow it to come to you, to be aware of its presence. Because, here’s the cool thing – whatever you want – I mean whatever – there are already things in your own sight, in your own life right now that will help you get there – you’re just not aware of them yet.

It is important that you be grateful for all that you have. It’s important you honor your Self – and that means all the parts of your Self. Your inner critic has as much importance as the dreamer that wants to soar. Acknowledge your critic for wanting to keep you safe and your dreamer for wanting to take you to amazing places. The only failure is in not trying, not making any steps towards your dreams.

Be happy – have fun. Dance as if no one were watching and sing as if no one is listening.

Your voice is beautiful. You are deserving. You are worthy of all that you can dream.

Let others live their dreams – be concerned only with yours. It will all work out.

There is abundance in everything. There is more than enough for all.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up – ever.

Watch for opportunities when they present themselves. They may be disguised as something other than what you expected. Keep your receiving door open so that you may welcome these opportunities into your life.

You live in the present – there is no past – there is no future. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet. Make your now the best it can be – that will affect your future.

There is no fear – if you know that you can’t fail. And, you know what – you can’t fail. Even things that we may call failures are just learning opportunities.

RESPECT yourself.

Be truly you. Don’t try to be like others. You have gifts and talents and a way of being that no one on the planet has. You are unique. Isn’t that cool? Enjoy it.

So, don’t be jealous of what others have – because they don’t have what you have – and that’s a beautiful thing.

Surround yourself with beauty. Clear away clutter. Clutter causes confusion and worry.

Listen to your inner wisdom – your soul. It expresses itself when you feel true joy. If you lose yourself and all track of time in something – take notice – that is when you are connected to your highest source. That is the connection to your soul – doesn’t that give you goosebumps.

Your soul desires many things before you leave your body – get quiet, listen to what is coming up for you.

Give something away every day – unexpectedly. Tip someone who normally doesn’t receive tips – the bagger at the grocery store, the person at the dry cleaners, a stranger walking in the mall. Giving is the highest form of receiving there is. And, receive with gratitude. No excuses. When someone compliments you – accept it with a thank you. For example, someone tells you that they love your outfit and you say, thank you, but it’s just something you threw together. NO. Next time – it’s just – thank you. It will feel different – it has to.

Inspire – from the latin – to breathe. Breath is literally the inspiration for life.

Through your breath you can connect to your Source and ground yourself.

You are amazing – you are already magnificent. Feel your magnificence – there is awe and magic all around. Start noticing it. From the way nature works – this is a good place to look for awe or a god place to look for awe.

Truly love yourself. That high positive vibration will attract more love and goodness into your life. Love will flow back to you. You’ll be a light that will shine so brightly that you’ll light the way for others.

Go, and create a magnificent day – you deserve it.

OMG – it’s my fault

After I posted yesterday, I sat and thought about what was going on.  Then a voice popped into my head – it came from a seminar I just attended – “Whatever experience you are having – you created it – you need to take 100% responsibility and just ask yourself why you are choosing to have that experience.”

So many times things go badly and we’re inclined to say &*^$ happens.  I’ve learned that’s a dangerous place to be because it strips you of all your power.  If you believe that stuff just happens to you, then you are operating from a victim mentality.  Then, you get to blame other people – again – not a good place to be.

And, I knew all the above – and yet I still chose to react badly to the experience of the day.  I know now why I did that.  It was to raise my awareness.  When I realized and admitted that whatever was happening I had the CHOICE to react with either a positive or negative attitude – it all changed.  I simply realized that I could choose to feel positive and WHAM-O – I felt better.  The anger dissipated – it was just neutralized.

I went from being frustrated and pissed off to being grateful for other things in my life that were going right.

So, when the (*^& is hitting the fan – ask yourself – why am I choosing to have this experience?  Then focus on some of the things that are going right.  Some days, it’s tough, I know – so I focus on the fact that I have a roof over my head, hot and cold running water, a loving family – hey, when you start looking for good stuff, sometimes you gotta dig.  But, you’re digging in the right place to fill your heart and your mind with positive energy.  And, that feels so much better, try it – you’ll see.

I knew all

When times get tough

This is when it counts – when things seem to come crashing down around you.  Keeping a positive mental attitude is probably the most important when you encounter challenges in order to tell the Universe that you’re serious about getting ahead.

I can’t give details as to what is going badly, but I really screwed up royally today in keeping positive.  I was everything but.  I was angry, really angry.

Now, tonight, I realize that I have to let go of the anger and replace it with feelings of gratitude for what is going right.  I also realize that I have to forgive the people that are causing me grief.  This feels very difficult – so I know it’s the right thing to do.

Thanks for listening.