Stick figures = six figures


Simple – yet profound. How stick figures led to a six figure income.

A big Thank You to Connie Ragen Green for sharing this valuable info as part of her chapter for my upcoming book on women who make six figures and more doing what they love.

If you put just this concept into action, it could change your life – it changed Connie’s.

Connie was at a place in her life where she had to make a change.  Her job no longer was the joy that it once was and she had health issues that challenged her keeping the job as well.  Totally out on her own, she set out to design her new life and career.  Knowing just a little about the law of attraction, she decided to create an image of the new home that she wanted to live in.  She admitted to not being a good artist, but wouldn’t let that deter her. She just drew the house that she wanted, the upstairs rooms, the details like white shutters on the window, her dogs by her feet, and a beautiful view out her window.

And, then she drew herself as a stick figure sitting at a computer desk in a room in the house, smiling as she was writing.  She finished the picture and put it right in front of her face in her office where she could see it every day.

Then she started visualizing and feeling what it was like to be living in the new home – she really felt as if she was already the owner.  She pictured herself feeling healthy and rested and being in the house working at a job in which she was doing what she loved and making more money than she was making in her present life.  When she looked at the picture – she felt as if that new home and new career was her reality – even though it was so far removed from her present life at the time.

In just six months she was living in the new home – a home that looked exactly like what she had drawn.
And, she was beginning her new career doing what she loved  (writing).  And in just three years that dream of living in her new home, with a career that she absolutely loves and is earning her over six figures is now her reality.

That is the power of visualization and attaching a strong emotion to what you visualize.

Thank you again Connie.  You are a true inspiration.

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