The Power of The Dream

Thank you Celine Dion for inspiring me today. I share this song with you – listen carefully to the lyrics. Because
your dream is the most important thing you own – keep it alive at all costs. Do everything you can to make it come
true. Remember that everything that we have around us was once a dream, a thought. We all have one deep inside,
it’s just that we have to dig past the layers of fear and nonbelief that have stopped us. I hope this song inspires you
to go further than you have, to take just one more step every day towards living your dream. And, then to bask in the sweetness
of living it.

Will Smith’s Keys to Life

Good morning world.  This morning I was inspired by Will Smith.  He shares his thoughts on how he has succeeded in life.

I’ll let you hear hit from him – straight up.  Remember what he says – don’t quit – when you feel like quitting, and learn from

others.  Enjoy.