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You need protection from negative thoughts

protection from negative thoughts

Sometimes you just gotta have protection.

I mean for this post to be as blunt as I can be, so I chose condoms as a visual.

You need protection from negative thoughts.  Why?

Because negative thoughts, thoughts of why you can’t do things, why you’re not good enough – don’t drive your life forward they hold it back.

Negative thoughts of envy, greed, jealousy, hate – they don’t drive you forward they hold you back.

How’s this for a thought?  Your thoughts control your actions, and it’s the actions you take that determine the results you get and your results = the life you are living now.  That’s how important thoughts are.  Your thoughts control the destiny of your life.  Did you get that?  Your freakin’ destiny is controlled by your thoughts.

Are you in the relationship you want?

Do you have the money you want?

Are you in the shape you want to be in?

Does your life have fulfillment and meaning?

I’m assuming if you’re reading my blog then you answered no to at least one of those questions.

You need protection – you need to put a condom on those negative thoughts.

Try this for 31 days.  Everytime you think a negative thought, every time – I would like you to picture a condom.  Don’t judge yourself for thinking a negative thought – just catch it in a condom.  Now replace that negative thought with a thought that will be positive.  Any positive thought will do.   The first day you do this – you’ll be amazed at how many condoms you have to whip out.  By the end of 31 days you’ll find that you’ve put yourself in the habit of thinking positive thoughts.

I do this every day.  I’m human so I need to condomize those negative thoughts that creep in – so do you.  But, I do it far less often now.

Start today and have fun with this.  You can change the direction of your life –

one thought at a time.

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Pulling back the curtain





Why should you trust what I say about motivation, inspiration, Law of Attraction?  I agree that you shouldn’t trust me unless I share why I’m qualified to talk about this stuff.  

That’s why I’m pulling back the curtain.  Come back with me to when I was 16 years old.   Remember when you were 15?  Life was good right?  There were after school parties, weekend parties, you got your drivers license and the world was fresh, fun and exciting.  

That was your reality – it wasn’t mine.  My parents had recently divorced and I had an emotional meltdown and became agoraphobic.  That big word means that I was scared to leave my house – terrified.  I would have a panic attack within ten minutes of going to school.  I was riddled with self-doubt and constant fear.  The worst thing was that I didn’t understand where the fear was coming from, so it seemed like I couldn’t ever move past it.  I felt hopeless.  At 16!!  

Just 3 short years later, not only was I able to leave my home – but I was on a plane headed to Israel – by myself!

What happened?

I changed what I was focusing on.  When I was trapped in my house, afraid I was going to have a panic attack – then would go to school – so focused on not having a panic attack – what happened?  I had a panic attack.  Of course, because what you focus on expands.

So, I had to learn to think that I was going to go to school and have a great day.   I had to focus on the fact that I had lived for 15 years without having panic attacks – so I had the ability to not have panic attacks.  I focused on my past experience of being in school and enjoying the experience.  And, then I had to do it.  I had to go to school, not think about panic attacks and it was a process.  I would go to school – be able to stay for one hour, then I might get scared and have to leave.  But, the next day, I would do it again – and be able to stay a bit longer.  It wasn’t long before I had build up enough confidence that I could go to school and not have to try to consciously think positive – it just came naturally.

And, what happened to the agoraphobia, what happened to those panic attacks?  When I taught myself that they had no power over me – they just vanished.   And, at the age of 19 I was boarding a plane – traveling alone – to spend six weeks in Israel.

I struggled with sharing this, but I realize that I’m not the only person on the planet who suffered from panic attacks.  And, if my sharing that can help just one person get over their panic attacks – it’s worth any discomfort I may feel.

BTW, I still feel fear – that’s natural.  It’s how I deal with it that’s very different.  

Remember that you can overcome any fear or panic – if I can do it – so can you.


Four Minute Mile Myth





Roger Bannister has me all excited this morning.  I don’t know why, maybe it’s the promise of possibility, of hope that limiting beliefs exist only to be shattered. I realize that everything I need to know to succeed now, I knew as a toddler – I just let limiting beliefs get in the way.   That happens to all of us.  It’s part of life.

It really doesn’t matter how those limiting beliefs, those thoughts that keep holding us back got between our ears.   I mean that – it doesn’t matter.   Let that sink in.

What does matter?

That we let them go, that we replace them with new, positive energizing thoughts.   Have you heard this before?

Hell, yeah.  

But, let me ask ya, what have you done with that knowledge?  Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and expanded it to new possibilities of what you’re capable of?  

But, don’t take it from me.  Let Roger inspire you too today.

The 1500m final on 26 July would prove to be one of the more dramatic in Olympic history. The race was not decided until the final meters, Josy Barthel of Luxembourg prevailing in an Olympic-record 3:45.28 (3:45.1 by official hand-timing) with the next seven runners all under the old record. Bannister finished fourth, out of the medals, but set a British record of 3:46.30 (3:46.0) in the process. So…

Bannister sets a new goal

After the devastation of his failure at the 1952 Olympics, Bannister spent two months deciding whether to give up running. He decided on a new goal: To be the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. Accordingly, he intensified his training.

History was made on 6 May 1954 at Iffley Road Track in Oxford.  3,000 watched Roger Bannister do what no man thought possible – run the mile in 3 min 59.4 

What are your 4 minute miles?  What do you think impossible?  Which of those do you really want to achieve?  

Then “pull a Roger”.  Set the goal, take action by plugging away at achieving it every day.  Better your best.  Believe and see yourself doing it.  

Some days the wind will be at your back and somedays you’ll feel like you’re running into a headwind.  But, with persistence and belief –



You are to be congratulated for making it to this page. You are an action taker and you will see in The Science of Getting Rich that if you want more money you can’t just sit around thinking and wishing for it – you have to take action

So, I suggest that you read the Science of Getting Rich once. Then read it again, chapter by chapter, until you feel comfortable with the material in the chapters. It can be a bit strange to grasp the concepts that Wallace Wattle’s is writing about, but once you understand them and even more importantly even if you don’t understand them – when you take Action on them – your life will never be the same.

Click The Science of Getting Rich to download the book.

TGR Thank You


Happiness – do we really want it or are we just full of bull?

I call this the happiness paradox because it’s my blog and I can.

We want to be happy and yet if we’re too happy and content there’s the danger that it will be BORING!


Baseball analogy comingWell, here’s my baseball analogy.  On October 27, 2004 in the wee hours of the morning I was jumping up and down with my son yelling and screaming because the Boston Red Sox reversed the 86 year old Curse of the Bambino and won the World Series.  Hell, they didn’t just win it, they swept the Cardinals, actually, not only did they sweep the Cards, but the Cards never even had the lead in one of the 4 games.  And that was the problem.

I hate to admit that I was a bit bored because the team played so well.   But there it is.  The Happiness Paradox.  We want to be happy and we want things to go well, but if success comes too easily.  Well, I believe that it has less meaning.   As much as we want success, we crave the drama, the uncertainty, the suspense.   It’s that adrenaline rush from tension to relief that we crave.  Or do we?


This has been a lifelong struggle for me that I am finally getting under control.  I am learning to be happy in the moment.  It’s not easy and to be honest there aren’t those dramatic high/low swings – and I was afraid that I would miss them.  And, I do, from time to time.

So, I slip back into experiencing something that will give me that uncertainty, that thrill of the chase.  But, the outcome isn’t always good and I really don’t enjoy it when things don’t go the way I had hoped. Read more


Do or do not

I was invited to attend a direct sales conference yesterday where Michael Port presented key elements of his  Book Yourself Solid System.  Michael is one of those people that “does it”.  He not only teaches the system – he uses it to create massive success in his business.  And, when he’s teaching it, you can feel the energy, you can feel the passion and you can see and hear it in his voice.   He is fully self-expressed and you can tell he really wants the audience to “get’ what he’s teaching.  He’s not just there to talk and collect a check and get his butt back home.

During his presentation he said something I needed to hear, and that was this.  That even he, as successful as he is, isn’t “on his game” 100% of the time.  There are times when he just wants to chill or has doubts, that’s normal, he reminded us.   After all, we are human and humans can’t maintain that high level of thought, vibration, whatever you want to call it every second, every moment.  But, Read more

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Perfect is an illusion – get over it

So what if I\'m different

I don’t post in over a week and when I do it’s with a picture of a tomato. What am I thinkin’?

Well, everything has a story and this is the story of the tomato. Nobody wanted this tomato from the stall at the farmstand. So what if it has a couple of spots and what appears to be an appendage? Does that make it any less of a tomato? Well, I guess most people thought so, but not me.

I took it home and snapped this picture before devouring it. And, it was delicious.

So what? Well, the tomato is an analogy, that’s what. Read more

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What will you do differently in 2009

For the past couple of years I have been getting sucky results.  What I didn’t realize was that they were self-imposed.  I thought that my situation had to do with outside forces.  My decision to go into business, the subsequent fire, the choice to choose the wrong business partner, my business going bust, being sued.  

I was living in the world of self-limitation, because I blamed circumstances.  Sure, there were things like the fire that affected my business that were outside of my control.  But, truth be told, I was in complete control of how I handled it.  I was also in complete control of how I handled the demise of my business and subsequent lawsuits.

I caved.  I told myself that I couldn’t start another business until the lawsuits were over.  Nobody told me that.  I stopped myself from succeeding.  

Well, the lawsuits are not over.  And, I don’t know when people will stop suing me.  

But, I do know this.  I will not let that stop me anymore.  I am in control of my destiny, not lawyers, not business partners, not people who tell me it’s safer to just go get a job, not people who tell me that I failed so it’s best to not try another venture, not the voice in my head that tells me I can’t do it.  

I am learning not to use excuses like…

If I had been given a chance…

If other people didn’t “have it in for me”

If the economy were better…

If my family understood and supported me better… 

Now, I know that I have to think differently.  I have to believe I deserve all the best life has to offer, I have to believe in my abilities and that I have value to offer others.  And, I have to hold on to those beliefs no matter what or who kicks me in the butt.  And things will shake my tree again and again – it’s just life.

So, I’m going into 2009 with eyes wide open, head held high and with an unwavering belief that I can do, be or have anything and everything I desire.

And so it shall be….

Happy New Year.




Reality smacks me in the face – hard

Reality check

OUCH!! File this under – Reality Check.

There I was yesterday, all full of myself. David Wilkinson, teen genius and successful internet marketer was going to be a presenter on a video online seminar. I called my son into the room.

“See, this is what you can do if you don’t spend so much time playing COD 5 or Halo.” I told him. My son grudgingly sat down and watched about ten minutes of his presentation. Granted, David talks fast and he was using a lot of internet speak, so the content really went over my son’s head. But, the meaning didn’t. My son grasped immediately that David was making money on the internet. My son also knows that I’ve been studying making money on the internet for a few months now. And, if you’re sensitive, turn away,


My boy, turns to me and asks me “So, how come David is more successful than you, if he’s only 14?”


The words slammed into my gut. I have learned enough about personal development that I know I have to take 100% responsibility for my actions.

I was busted. I knew the reason why. I was holding back. Perhaps it was from fear of what happened to me from my last business venture (otherwise known as Lee Ann’s folly) or perhaps it was negative self-talk. But, my son made me realize that the modest successes I was achieving were so much less than what I could be capable of.

When does change happen? When you decide.

So, thanks to that experience yesterday, I have now decided to plunge forward and play a MUCH bigger game than what I’ve been playing. If you’re going to get in the ring you should go for the gold –