Hotties and Not so Hotties


When you want to attract abundance, prosperity and anything good into your life there are some things you should do – Hotties, and things that will keep what you want away – Not so Hotties. Read them all and then see where you are on the attraction scale.

Are you mostly in the Hotties or Notties?

1. Thinking that you’ll be successful when – you get that new job, you move to another state, when you take that next course, when you (fill in the blank) – Hottie or Not so Hottie thought? (Not so Hottie) Why?

Answer: Not so Hottie. At every rung in the ladder or step up the mountain you have to believe that success (i.e. – reaching the top/goal) is coming. You can’t pin your success on an outside circumstance that is dependent on others – getting a new job, moving, etc. Your success will be entirely created or not by your thoughts and actions.

2. Being envious of others who are more successful than you – Hottie or Not so Hottie?

Okay, I threw you a bone here. Obviously, thinking negative thoughts is in the Never Hottie category. Here’s how to turn it around. Tell yourself that you’re happy for their success and really feel it. Then tell yourself that yours is coming and you have to really believe it – even if you don’t feel it so much. Hey, if you were driving from NY to LA – 99% of the trip you can’t see LA, you’re far from LA – as far as you’re concerned LA might not even exist. Even when you’re just a few miles from LA you still can’t see it. But, common sense tells you that LA exists – so you keep driving and you get there.

3. Star Light Star Bright – First Star I see tonight – I wish I may, I wish I might – get the wish I wish tonight. (Wishing on a star – Hottie or Not so Hottie?)

Survey says – This one’s a tossup. Why? Because at least you’re clear on what you want. You’re wishing for a certain thing, something tangible. Desire is the first step to creation – so you’ve created the desire – That’s a hottie thoughtie.

Wishing it to come true on the other hand – not so much. You have to take action, inspired action toward your desire. And you will be surprised when people, opportunities show up that you couldn’t have planned for, but will help you get to your goal faster.

For the next 30 days – when those thoughts flood your head – ask yourself if they’re hotties or notties. And, then force yourself to go for more of the hotties.

You need protection from negative thoughts

protection from negative thoughts

Sometimes you just gotta have protection.

I mean for this post to be as blunt as I can be, so I chose condoms as a visual.

You need protection from negative thoughts.  Why?

Because negative thoughts, thoughts of why you can’t do things, why you’re not good enough – don’t drive your life forward they hold it back.

Negative thoughts of envy, greed, jealousy, hate – they don’t drive you forward they hold you back.

How’s this for a thought?  Your thoughts control your actions, and it’s the actions you take that determine the results you get and your results = the life you are living now.  That’s how important thoughts are.  Your thoughts control the destiny of your life.  Did you get that?  Your freakin’ destiny is controlled by your thoughts.

Are you in the relationship you want?

Do you have the money you want?

Are you in the shape you want to be in?

Does your life have fulfillment and meaning?

I’m assuming if you’re reading my blog then you answered no to at least one of those questions.

You need protection – you need to put a condom on those negative thoughts.

Try this for 31 days.  Everytime you think a negative thought, every time – I would like you to picture a condom.  Don’t judge yourself for thinking a negative thought – just catch it in a condom.  Now replace that negative thought with a thought that will be positive.  Any positive thought will do.   The first day you do this – you’ll be amazed at how many condoms you have to whip out.  By the end of 31 days you’ll find that you’ve put yourself in the habit of thinking positive thoughts.

I do this every day.  I’m human so I need to condomize those negative thoughts that creep in – so do you.  But, I do it far less often now.

Start today and have fun with this.  You can change the direction of your life –

one thought at a time.

Stick figures = six figures


Simple – yet profound. How stick figures led to a six figure income.

A big Thank You to Connie Ragen Green for sharing this valuable info as part of her chapter for my upcoming book on women who make six figures and more doing what they love.

If you put just this concept into action, it could change your life – it changed Connie’s.

Connie was at a place in her life where she had to make a change.  Her job no longer was the joy that it once was and she had health issues that challenged her keeping the job as well.  Totally out on her own, she set out to design her new life and career.  Knowing just a little about the law of attraction, she decided to create an image of the new home that she wanted to live in.  She admitted to not being a good artist, but wouldn’t let that deter her. She just drew the house that she wanted, the upstairs rooms, the details like white shutters on the window, her dogs by her feet, and a beautiful view out her window.

And, then she drew herself as a stick figure sitting at a computer desk in a room in the house, smiling as she was writing.  She finished the picture and put it right in front of her face in her office where she could see it every day.

Then she started visualizing and feeling what it was like to be living in the new home – she really felt as if she was already the owner.  She pictured herself feeling healthy and rested and being in the house working at a job in which she was doing what she loved and making more money than she was making in her present life.  When she looked at the picture – she felt as if that new home and new career was her reality – even though it was so far removed from her present life at the time.

In just six months she was living in the new home – a home that looked exactly like what she had drawn.
And, she was beginning her new career doing what she loved  (writing).  And in just three years that dream of living in her new home, with a career that she absolutely loves and is earning her over six figures is now her reality.

That is the power of visualization and attaching a strong emotion to what you visualize.

Thank you again Connie.  You are a true inspiration.

When strange things happen to good people

Manifestation – getting what you want – it happens in ways that just can’t be planned. It’s so cool to let the Universe do its thing. Here’s a short little story of a recent book I manifested.

But first, the back story.

A couple of weeks ago I toured Louisa May Alcotts house – which was a very interesting experience. Her desk is in the exact place as it was when she lived there, as you can see by a photograph in her bedroom. It’s a very strange feeling to stand right where she stood in the photograph. Anyway, on the tour a book was mentioned, Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – it was a book that went “viral” back in the late 1800’s and it had to do with some of spiritual principles that I’ve been studying. I made a note that I wanted to get a copy of the book, but as things happen I forgot about it.

That week, I’m reading the book, The Power of Your Supermind by Vernon Howard and there on page 81 what book is mentioned – Yes, Pilgrims Progress. Now, when something comes into my life a couple of times in a short period of time – I take notice. I decide to get a copy of the book for sure. But, I take no action, it’s not high on the “to do” list. However, the Universe had other ideas…

A week later I’m out for a Sunday visit to Ipswich with my son and hubby. We ate at Woodmans – fried clams and lobster roll were so good I didn’t want the meal to end. If you like lobster and clams – then Woodmans is a “must visit”. Anyway, after stuffing our faces I wanted to poke around antique shops. There are quite a few in Ipswich so I just randomly picked one. There were two levels and upstairs were bookcase after bookcase packed with old books. Something told me to check out the first bookcase and the fifth book that I spied was none other than – Yes, you guessed it. Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan, a small with a green binding published in 1879. The pages are worn, browned and spotted with age, but overall it’s in good shape.

If you could have seen the hundreds of books that were spilling from the bookcases to the floor in the second floor of the antique shop you would be as astonished as I was when I found this little book so easily.

Lesson learned – be careful what you wish for – because it’s on the way the moment you desire it….

Thoughts do become things – think the good ones!!

Warning: Magic trick revealed below

When I see a great magic trick – I get a tingle.  It’s awesome.   I am just in awe of the skill it took to make me see something that couldn’t be happening – or could it?  It’s that moment of sheer wonder that gives me that tingle.

There have been a few times when I’ve experienced that tingle from my own magic.  But, I’m not talking magic like the Chris Angel Mindfreak kind of magic – I’m talking about those times when wondrous things happen in your life, when you received things that seemed impossible and way out of your reach.  For example…

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Do thoughts become things…

I ask if thoughts become things because I’m really beginning to believe that they do. And apparently this quote from Frank Lloyd Wright – “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” tells me that I’m not alone.

So, I believe Wright to be right. (I just wanted to say that.)

Whether Wright is right or Wright is wrong – we’ll never really know. But, if they do – here is the formula in its most simplistic form.

Thought plus emotion = thing.

What I mean is that you have a thought, it creates a vibration, the vibration becomes much stronger when you attach emotion to it. If this were all there was to the equation then you would be able to sit in your home and think of what you want and feel all the positive feelings that you would feel if you already owned the thing you’re thinking of and – WHAM! – special delivery – the Universe would FedEx it to you.

But, although it is not quite as simple as that – it’s not that difficult either.

You do have to be totally clear on what it is that you want.  And state it in a positive way.  So, if you want to not be in debt say – I want more than enough money flowing to and through me for everything that I desire.  Do not say – I don’t want any more debt.  You don’t want to have the word debt and the word want in the same sentence.  Just trust me on this one.

Now, I’m going to have you hold that thought.  Here’s a little something you have to do first.  Make room in your life for the new thing.  Clean out your clothes closets, have a garage sale – give as much stuff away as you can.  This goes for the stuff between your ears also.  Whenever you have a doubt or a negative thought – get rid of it and replace it with a positive one.  You cannot get what you desire if you doubt it’s arrival.  It wold be like ordering a meal in a restaurant and not believing they are going to bring it to you.  Of course they are.

Actually, I would start cleaning out your house and head of everything that doesn’t please you anymore.  Then, while you’re in this process, get very clear on what it is you want.  Attach a positive emotion, feel like you already have what you are asking for.  It will feel wonderful – so feel those feelings.  This supercharges your desire.

Now, take the first action step that comes to mind, perhaps you want a car.  Go down to the dealer and test drive it.

The Universe is waiting to give you what you want – remember that.

Believe and have faith.

Give it away Day!!!

Gratitude is really important in the manifestation process.  You have to feel grateful for what you have right now in your life – rather than be in a constant state of expectancy that you’ll feel grateful when you have more.

After all, what would you use to measure that day when you would be grateful?  A dollar amount in the bank?

So – Start now.

What can you be grateful for?  I’ll give you an example of my morning.  I am grateful for my comfortable bed with smooth sheets and soft pillows.  Then there is the hot and cold running water that makes my shower water just the perfect temperature and it feels wonderful.  In my kitchen I have so much delicious food just waiting for me to eat it.  Get the idea?

Good – you make a list – right now.  Then come back.

Now for part two.

Give something away.  This multiplies that feeling of gratitude immensely.  Tip someone who doesn’t normally get tips – hand your mailman some money, give the bagger at the grocery store money – give enough so that you feel it.  Accept their reaction.

Feel the gratitude for having enough money that you can give some away.

Will you please come back and post your comments about what happened?   I’d love to hear the stories.

Just when I needed a Number One

Back in the day, my hubby used to watch Star Trek – and I remember seeing Captain Jean-Paul? (the bald good-looking captain) always telling Number One to “get it done”. Well, that’s what I needed – a number One.

I was freaking out. I have two projects that need blogs. This blog was just butt-ugly, I needed help. I posted on elance, rentacoder, I asked friends. posted on other forums. I did Google searches for WordPress blog experts. Why was this so difficult? Surely I’m not the only lady on the net who is techno-blog challenged.

I can write posts, but designing and optimizing a blog to make it look good – that’s not my job. So, back to me freaking out. And, then,

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My washing machine manifestation – a zen moment

Before you think I’ve gone round the bend – my washing machine really did change my thinking 180 degrees. Quick back story – I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, personal development for over a year now. That’s a long time for me to be learning anything. I thought I understood it, I thought I was living it -and on some level I was – but not as deeply as after my washing machine moment. It all started so innocently, my washing machine simply stopped functioning on Friday night. This meant that I wasn’t going to address the issue until Monday, as it was a holiday weekend. But, I did make a list of appliance repair shops to call. So, first thing Monday morning, I have my cup of coffee and start making calls. I got five quick “No, we don’t work on your brand of washing machine answers.”, one person who told me that his company did repair my brand, but it would be $110 for the diagnosis, then $110/hour to repair, and no, they wouldn’t apply the diagnostic charge to the repair cost. I had to take a different approach. I sat and thought about what I wanted. I wanted the machine fixed for under $200.00 or I would just buy a new one. So,

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