Got mentor?

I now have a mentor of sorts – David Neagle.  I’m in his monthly mentoring program and I couldn’t be more excited.  Well, actually that’s a silly thing to say – of course I could get more excited – especially when there’s ice cream involved, if that makes me sound silly, oh well.  What I mean is – I’m really excited to be learning the laws of the Universe from someone who really gets them and explains them in an easy to understand way.

Until I watched the Secret I never even knew there were Universal Laws and now I can’t get enough info about them.  And, sometimes that info can be kind of difficult for a right-brained peep like myself to decipher.

I loved the Secret and learning about the Law of Attraction – but I always felt that the film didn’t dig deep enough.   Great introduction – but Rhonda Byrne totally left out the part about taking action.   Ask-believe-receive – not.

But, on a deeper level – with action added – I’ve found that the Law of Attraction really does work.  And, I think that’s so COOL.   I honestly do believe that we are all constantly connected to Spirit or Source or whatever you call your higher being.  I think of it like this analogy.  You know how your lamps are plugged into the electric outlet, but they are not lit until you turn them on?  Well, that’s like our connection to Spirit.  We’re always connected – but we don’t always have that switch open so it can flow to you like the electricity flows to the lamp.

And, I believe that Spirit really does want to give us what we want.  We just muck up the asking and even if we get that part right – for some reason – we muck up being able to receive.

I just finished reading a great book on the Law of Attraction – Ask and it is Given – by Jerry and Esther Hicks.  It’s deep and very insightful – and I would put it on my “must read” list.

Actually I’ll post more about it here – so come back – if that’s “Attractive ” to you….