JV Alert DC – Here I come

So, excited, heading out tomorrow to meet Ken McArthur
and all the peeps gathering for another JV Alert Live.

It’s always fun to meet people that you’ve only met virtually
in person – I’m looking forward to that.

And, of course am looking forward to meeting new friends
and potential business partners as that’s one of the main
purposes of this fantastic event.

I will update from the floor of JV Alert Live – here and
on Twitter and/or Facebook.






Random thoughts

What is a rule of thumb?

Why is something simple – “A piece of cake?”

That would cost an arm and a leg!  At some point in time, did people have to pay for things with body parts? Nasty!!

At the drop of a hat.  Huh?

What is square one and why do we have to go back to it?

And, last for today – No room to swing a cat.

Throw in your two cents (another one) in the comment section below… 🙂

Nine lives – all used up

getting comfy

I just wanted to honor my wonderful little cat of eighteen years who passed away last night. This is Annie. I adopted her from a shelter when she was still a kitten. She was a lap kitty and was my adoring and adored companion.

She is already greatly missed.

Stick it!

If you say that to an Olympic gymnast – they’ll appreciate it.  It means that they want their dismount landing to be flawless.  But, if I say that to you  (unless you’re a gymnast) –  I’m rude.

Our language can be confusing.  My takeaway?

Make sure in all your communication you’re saying the right things to the people your speaking to – in person or in your written communication.

Naughty Bits and Michael Port on Donny Deutsch

A mentor of mine, Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid and The Contrarian Effect was on Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea last night.  The theme of the program was about selling – with an underlying theme that was a call back to Monty Python’s naughty bits.  But, I get ahead of myself.

Michael handled himself well and managed to get some great content in at the beginning of the program when it was himself and two women, Lisa Scott and Kendra Robinson.  Michael also looked pretty good on TV, (he’s single, darn, I’m not – but I digress)  Donny was his usual rapid fire question self and even though the panel grew even larger when Dave Lakhani joined the group – Donny kept control.  Michael held is own, getting noticed to be on camera to add his opinions in and be heard – great job with that Michael.  Then…Janine Driver, an expert on body language joined the panel and

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In plain sight – or not

Last week I was in New York City, a place I’m not very familiar with that I visit just a few times a year.

I was walking down 6th Avenue just after getting a cup of coffee heading back to my brother’s place. It was early on a Sunday morning so there weren’t that many people on the street. Suddenly a woman stopped me, pointed to an ad in a newspaper for a beauty salon and asked me if I knew where it was. I looked at the address, it was on 6th Avenue and the number was very close to where I was standing. In fact, it turned out that we were just a couple of doors away from it.

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